Everybody wants to come Palau once if you love the sea. There are plenty of beautiful natures like Seventy Islands which is World Heritage Site,Kayangel Island,and Big Drop Off famous diving spot can see big number of fishes.
Palau is called Holy Place that divers all over the world coming to Palau to meet up beautiful fishes which living in coral surrounded the islands.


So this time,we pick up some pictures which makes you put yourself in Palau’s beautiful sea.


Long Beach


There is long long sand bar. This spot has calm waves after wave,excellent sky view,and great balance of sea and beach.


Big Drop Off


There are crowding corals on the wall inside of the sea. This place’s geometry is like a big hole and the sunshine is plugged into the bottom of the sea.



Countless shoals of fishes are come together in this place. You can feel the nature as it is.


Jelly Fish Lake


This place is one of the famous place in the world. Jelly Fish Lake is in the middle of the island but it connected to the sea at the bottom of the lake. So strangely this lake has the rise and fall of the tide.Huge number of jellyfishes are living which doesn’t have poison because of special environment that do not have anything of natural enemies.



Diving deeper and look up to the sea surface,you can see beautiful jellyfishes sheer in the light of the sun.


Secret Island Kayangel


Local people says that the most beautiful sea in Palau is Kayangel. It takes about 1hour from Koror to the port at North edge of the Island and then it takes 1 hour with boat to the kayangel Islands. So only the condition of the weather being good day can reach the Island. But the Island is like a heaven.



To see this picture,it is obviously how clear this see is. The boat in this picture seems to hang in the air in actuality it is floating in the sea.



The Island Kayangel has four islands and two of them are connected with beautiful sand bar which is drawing an arc. Here is wonderful place that calm waves comes after wave from right and left and it brings sand to build up this sand bar slowly. Clear emerald green sea is full of your view. If you look up to the air,there is nothing but only huge blue vast sky. When I stand between island and island,I feels like have an illusion that caught up in magnificent nature.



And also if you have luck,you can meet bunch of dolphins on the way to the Kayangel island. They coming close up to the boat and jump into the air just like welcome us.


Well,how did you like it? These places can visit by tour. If you would like to join any tour,ask hotel front desk. Car will comes to the hotel to pick you up. You must have fun with this beautiful Palau sea!