The President of Palau Tommy Remegesau attended our opening party held in Jan 26th 2016.And The Garden Palace Palau Downtown Coror was officialy opened on this date. First built hotel which 100% Japanese owner managed at downtown coror. We will welcome with hospitality of Japanese way to satisfy our customers. If you have a chance to visit Coror,feel free to walk around Garden Palace Palau.we are willing to introduce our wider hotel room,rooftop terrace which feel the tropical breeze and more.

This rooftop terrace called Sky Garden Terrace was completed recently and the opening party was held at here. More than 200 people attended to this party. Owner of Garden Palace is friendly with Palau for 20 years and many Palauan friends celebrated us. Also many flowers gifted. Again,we realized Garden Palace Palau is sustained by many people thankfully.

Restaurant owner at Coror, tour and diving shop owner,Chief Mr.Skebon,Japan Ambassador Mr Tajiri and President of Palau Tommy Remegesau. He speached that “It is grad that brandnew Japanese Hotel is opened in Palau.wide room,nice view and rooftop terrace is comfortable. Many people will visit this beautiful hotel. I appreciated that this hotel going to contribute tourism industry and friendship between Japan and Palau.” We are very pleased.

After the party, locals were chilling out at the terrace for few hours. Is it because of tropical mood? Or just comfortable? all they had smile and looks happy. Preparation was kind of hard but looking at their happy faces, our mind is calm.If you stay Garden Palace Palau, we recommended to chill out at our rooftop terrace “Sky Garden Terrace”.